5 Basic Tips For A Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

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E-mail marketing is a great tool for building any business. Besides reaching a broad audience, it's quick, easy, and cheap. Here are five basic strategies to make the most of your campaign:

Avoid Spam Status

Some marketers believe that e-mails with words like "discount," "free" and "sale" are destined to be marked as junk. Others think it's fine to use these words occasionally and in moderation. Limited time "free" shipping can be an effective call to action, but both camps agree that overloading e-mails with spam words, exclamation points, dollar signs and capital letters won't help your bottom line.

The unsubscribe link should be clearly visible at the top, making it easy for subscribers to opt out. If readers have to search for it, they're more likely to mark your e-mails as junk and generate spam complaints.

Inactive subscribers are more likely to flag your e-mails as junk, so cull them from your list. Also remove anything returned as undeliverable. Attempts to resend undeliverable e-mails can cause problems with internet service providers.

Make The Most Of Subject Lines

A subject line can make or break a sale in email marketing. If it doesn't grab the reader's attention immediately, your message may be deleted before it's even read. Offer something the reader wants and make it short and sweet. The same is true for content. Make sure your copy gets straight to the point and stresses reader benefits.

Optimize Clickthrough Rates

Research has shown that the highest clickthrough rates occur over the weekend, so it makes sense to conduct an e-mail campaign on a Saturday or Sunday. As for the time of day, e-mail advertising delivered from 6-7:00 a.m. gets the most clickthroughs, regardless of the day on which it's sent.

The more links there are in the content, the higher the clickthrough rate will be. Include links in various forms and make it easy for readers to get more information.

Add new subscribers regularly; they click through more frequently than long-term subscribers. The longer subscribers are on your list, the lower their clickthrough rate becomes.

Create Visual Appeal

Most people (80%) now check e-mail via smartphones, so make your communications mobile-friendly. Avoid large banners and logos on top. Place relevant information and links near the top instead. Include both HTML and plain text options since some people block HTML e-mails.

Balance images with text and don't overdo either one. Check the finished product for presentation, content and functional links on both a PC and a mobile device before sending it out to customers.

Ask For The Sale

Never underestimate the power of a clear call to action. Encourage readers to "click here" and link to conversion pages where the desired action can be carried out. Make it simple and easy for consumers to do what you're asking.

It goes without saying that e-mail marketing should only be sent to people on your subscriber list or to those with whom you've already made contact. Spam doesn't sell, and e-mail abuse is bad for business.


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5 Basic Tips For A Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

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5 Basic Tips For A Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

This article was published on 2011/06/09